Upcoming Sales

During the 2019 Ram selling season, we will be offering rams at regional sales.

North East Merinos Ram Auction
Tuesday August 13 - Benalla Showgrounds

We will be offering 6 rams (4 polls and 2 horned).  For further information, contact us or see https://www.facebook.com/northeastmerinos/

Gippsland Merinos Ram Auction
Tuesday September 3 - Elders Bairnsdale

We will be offering 40 rams (20 polls and 20 horned).  For further information, contact us or see https://eldersrural.com.au/classifieds/sales-calendar/2345/

Unfortunately, due to the recent season, we will not be offering private sales this year.

Detailed information about all rams being offered can be downloaded here:

Past Sales

2018 Sale Summary

Following the success at last years' sales, we increased our numbers to allow more clients to buy our rams.  We sold all 8 rams at Benalla and received the Best Wool Sale Ram award, with the same ram reserve champion in the All Purpose category.  Our rams sold to a top of $3500 to a mix of new and returning clients.  At Bairnsdale we again had a total clearance of 58 rams with a top price of $4000 and an average of $2240. 

2017 Sale Summary

We decided not to sell rams at Hamilton Sheepvention this year, but offered rams at Benalla (4 rams) and at Bairnsdale (52 rams). The sale at Benalla was very strong with all 4 rams selling for $3000 or above. At Bairnsdale we also achieved a total clearance of 52 rams with an average of $2650.

2016 Sale Summary

We sold for the first time at the North East Merinos sale at Benalla in 2016 and were very excited to win the sash for Best Wool Sale Ram.  We also sold rams at Hamilton Sheepvention and at the Gippsland Merinos sale at Bairnsdale.  At Sheepvention we sold 5 rams to a top of $2500. All 4 rams sold at Benalla to a top price of $2600, while at Bairnsdale we sold 45 of 46 rams offered, with our top priced ram making $4250, with many new clients purchasing our rams for the first time.

2015 Sale Summary

In 2015, we had poll rams available for sale by a Pastora sire as well as by Bindawarra Poll sires.  Horned sale rams were from the Bindawarra 400 family as well as our other stud sires.  We sold at Sheepvention (5 rams to a top of $3000) and the Gippsland Merinos Sale at Bairnsdale ( 43 rams to a top of $2600 twice).

2014 Sale Summary

We had successful sales in 2014, selling 5 rams at Hamilton Sheepvention to a top of $2500, averaging $1970 and selling 41 rams at Bairnsdale to a top of $3200, averaging $1320.The 4 poll rams sold very well at Bairnsdale, averaging $1425.  We were happy to have several new clients, but also a returning client who purchased some top quality rams.